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This Little Light

The Gospel for the second Sunday of Lent is Matthew 17:1-9

There is a familiar Christian hymn that echoes the verse above and it goes, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”.

Last month, as part of Black History month activities, a panel of Black speakers from across various disciplines and walks of life spoke at an assembly at the school where I currently teach.

One of the speakers’ preached a particularly striking idea to me that included the image of a light bulb. In it he stated, “A light bulb is something to be cherished.”

The main point of his message was deeper than that. He went on to say that a light bulb cannot shine without the filament that becomes electrified and emits its proper light.

When the disciples looked at the transfigured Jesus, I am sure that the events of that day consequently became an internal filament that became the impetus behind their subsequent actions and lives.

We all have gifts and talents that when cultivated and shared with others reflect the light of Christ.

Many around the world would attest to the fact that our lights shine brightest when we remember two things: We are in the holy presence of God and that Jesus lives in our hearts…Forever.

Download a PDF version of this reflection.

Brother Kyle Mena is a Postulant with the Brothers of the Christian Schools. He currently lives and ministers in Philadelphia.

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