Our family is the first place our vocations take root. It is parents, as primary educators, who nurture young people, in love, in sacrifice, and in faith that their sons and daughters will grow and mature into adults they’re proud of and love for who they’ve become.

We can pray:

Gracious God, in baptism you called us by name and made us members of your people, the Church.

We praise you for your goodness.

We thank you for your gifts.

Bless your Church with love.

Raise up good and holy families, loving husbands and wives, devoted parents and children.

Raise up from our families and friends dedicated and generous leaders who will serve as sisters, priests, brothers, deacons and lay ministers.

Send your Spirit to guide and strengthen us that we may serve your people following the example of your Son, Jesus Christ, in whose name we offer this prayer. Amen.

For parents, here are some other resources to encourage and walk with your sons/daughters/friends of your sons/daughters as they explore who God is calling them to be:

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