Our Community

The distinctive character of the Brother’s community is that it is a community of faith where the experience of God is shared.

As Brothers, we live in community with one another and find our communities places to be evangelized, personally develop, and discern educational needs and our ministry.

“The community life of the Brothers is, above all, a gift from God, which they receive through Jesus Christ present in their midst. It is he who gives them the Spirit of love who lives in each Brothers and unites the community” –Rule of the Brothers

Our communities are our homes, where we share life together, friendship and fraternity with our fellow Brothers, trust and respect. It the place where we share joys of and challenges of life accompanying one another.

Through daily prayer, sharing meals together, social activities, and ministry we are present and active in one another’s lives.

During various stages of our discernment process, discerners will be invited to experience community life, from visiting for prayer and meal, to live-in experiences.

“Community was a very important part of my experience. Religious life within community started making sense and the words of our Founder became much more real. It’s all been a part of a slow and gradual process, one that is ongoing and worth saying yes to it. I look back to my first years trying on the life of a De La Salle Christian Brothers with much gratitude and community was a very good way for me to do it.” – Brother Anwar Martinez

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