High School Aged

Many young people first begin to recognize God’s call in their lives during their high school years. Coming into your own – personally and spiritually –while developing your unique gifts, talents and passion for serving others.

You may know discernment comes from a Latin word disernere which means to distinguish, to sift out, to separate. Our lives are lived in ongoing discernment of prayerful decisions that often gradually shape the course of lives.

In discerning a religious vocation as a Brother, the choice isn’t between a “good” option and a “bad” option, rather the invitation is explore with integrity God’s will for your life and faithfully, authentically and joyfully responding to God’s call.

During high school this can look like participating in a variety of activities of faith service and community, through school, parish, or community events like:

  • Service/volunteer experiences
  • Retreat experiences
  • Participating in Mass as a reader, altar server, or Eucharist minister
  • Conferences or other events where you get to develop your gifts and talents

Our lived experiences and reflecting on them help us in our discernment, along with personal prayer and a desire to continue to deepen our relationship with God.

Here are a few tools to aid you in your discernment:

Discernment with De La Salle

Themes from Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s discernment process and reflection questions to help guide our discernment as well.

Lectio Divina, Praying with the Scriptures

Learn more about making the Word of God an inspiring element and daily part of your life. This resource shines a light on the ancient practice of Lectio Divina through a Lasallian lens.

Three Lectio Divina prayer experiences focused on discernment themes:

Praying the Scriptures – Discernment

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Website: Daily Readings

Vocation 101

100 Short Quotes from Saint John Baptist de La Salle

100 Short Quotations-St. John Baptist de La Salle, Compiled by Nicholas Hutchinson, FSC organized thematically, including prayer, calling, example, being faithful, relating, and touching hearts.