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How Family and Friends Support My Vocation

How have family and friends been significant in your discernment?

The invitation of family and friends to consider discerning was very important. Additionally, I found that the kinds of questions that people who know you well can ask really help to dig deep in the process and helped me to understand more fully where my life is going.

When I am asked how being a Brother impacted my relationships with family, friends, and colleagues, I tell people one of the most remarkable things about the vocation of Brother is witnessing to the power of fraternal relationships. We are called to build up the Kingdom of God by being brothers with everyone God puts us in contact with and showing the world how to live as one human family.

Family, friends, and colleagues have supported and nurtured my vocation by being interested, asking questions, and trying to understand the differences and similarities in our lifestyles. All of this works best by inviting them into your life. I have family and friends that visit and participate in the life of my community, and I invite colleagues to dinner of community events. By being willing to share the lived experience of religious community and living my vocation with me all of these people support my vocation.

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with talking to their family or friends about their discernment?

You don’t have to be sure of anything. Let the people who are important to you be a part of helping you explore your path in life. It can be nerve-racking at first to admit to considerations or feelings that may not be mainstream, but talking about these things externally can be a very important part of processing your own understanding of your vocation and a great way to get insight from those who know you best.

Describe your experience as a Brother in 2-3 sentences.

Being a Brother so far has been a life of joy and adventure as I deepen my relationship with God, myself, and others. I am so blessed by all of the relationships that are a part of this life. I am blessed by the way that my vows make those relationships so life-giving.

What advice would you give to someone discerning their vocation?

Experience is the best teacher. To discern you really need to try out the different parts of religious life. Learn about a community’s spirituality and style of prayer and see how it is for you. Experience how they live together and see how that fits with your style. Learn about how the community might help you to be your best self.

Brother Dylan Perry, FSC is a Brother of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Christian Brother) in the Midwest District, living and ministering at DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis, MN. He’s a native of Memphis, TN and alum of Christian Brothers High School, Christian Brothers University, and Lasallian Volunteers.

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