College-Aged Resources

College and the university experience often open us up to a rich diversity of opportunities and directions for our lives we may not have originally imagined.

Choosing a major, participating in co-curricular programs, making new friends, social interests and more, often in new environments, open our horizons.

All this amplifies our opportunities for personal growth, development of professional and life skills, as well as belonging to a community.

It’s a time full of discernment (however unconscious or conscious) and your exploring and developing your purpose, passions, and sense of what you’re called to do with your life.

Hopefully it’s also a time of spiritual growth, discipleship, and a maturing faith seeking to recognize and live out God’s call in your life.

We encourage you to participate in a variety of faith, service and community activities to further your life of faith and vocational discernment, through:

  • Participation in the Catholic center (on Catholic campuses, often called Campus Ministry or Mission and Ministry) on public universities often called Catholic Newman Center, usually just off the physical campus)
  • Service/volunteer experiences utilizing your gifts and talents for the benefit of others
  • Retreat experiences
  • Participation in Mass as a reader, altar server, or Eucharist minister
  • Conferences or other events where you get to develop your gifts and talents
  • During college is also a time young men willing to continue to develop their spiritual life and who are generous and authentic in sharing their personal talents, often more intentionally discern and consider the Brothers’ vocation.

We invite you to consider this invitation to more intentionally discern with us by connecting with a vocation director and considering the Contact Program.

Connect with a Vocation Director

Learn more about the Contact Program

Here are a few tools to aid you in your discernment:

Lectio Divina, Praying with the Scriptures

Learn more about making the Word of God an inspiring element and daily part of your life. This resource shines a light on the ancient practice of Lectio Divina through a Lasallian lens.

Three Lectio Divina prayer experiences focused on discernment themes:

Praying the Scriptures – Discernment

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Website: Daily Readings

Interior Prayer, Encountering God in the depths of the mind and heart

Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s writings are a gift to the Church (and to each of us). He wrote much about education and prayer and spirituality. A simple approach to his writings on interior prayer can be distilled in the prayer card, or if you want to dive deeper into this method of prayer, read more.