Our Call as Brothers

As Brothers, we belong to religious community of men who are committed to live and work together for the educational service of the young, especially those on the margins.

While each of our vocational journeys is unique, there is unity and community in our shared response to God’s call to provide a human and Christian education to young people.

Our Call as Educators

Our Gospel journey, as religious Brothers calls us to live out our vocation in a distinctive way. As Brothers, we see our professional work as ministry and uniquely integrated into our day-to-day life, prayer and communal life together.
Just as it was during the late 17th century, the Brothers continue to dedicate their entire lives to the ministry of teaching, to the students entrusted to their care, to each other, and (through all of these) to God.
Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the Patron Saint of Teachers and our founder, inspires us to be innovators in the field of education centered on the Gospel.

“De La Salle began by bringing the early Brothers together into community. Community life provides a dynamic lifestyle that calls us to responds to the needs in our world and in our society. God is tangible in this ministry and mission – you will encounter Jesus in a real way.”

– Brother Chris Patiño, FSC

Our Call to Evangelize

Our ministry of education is an evangelizing presence and the work of Jesus with young people of today, especially those on the margins.
As Brothers, we respond to God’s call giving ourselves completely to Jesus Christ through our charism and mission of education, which the Church has entrusted to us.

“We are called to be apostles in virtue of our religious consecration, not just teachers. We are to be excellent teachers, yes, but more than that. We are to be loving men, concerned for young people, yes, but more than that. We are to be evangelizers. We are called to be zealous men. Zeal is of the essence of our vocation. And let us not confuse zeal with professionalism. We must, of course, be professionals, but zeal is more. Zeal involves an ardent desire to help young people grow in the spirit of Christianity.”

Brother John Johnston, FSC

Called as Community

As Brothers, through our religious consecration and rooted in living the richness of our baptism in a distinctive way, we are called to be apostles.

Daily meditation, community prayer, liturgy and the life-giving support of religious community enable the Brothers to infuse the world of education and the young with the Gospel.

Together, with our Lasallian Partners, we work in association to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor, according to the ministry entrusted to them by the Church.

Part of an international community, we continue to respond to the needs and realities of young people today.


In addition to the evangelical counsels (poverty, chastity, obedience) as Brothers, we have two additional vows that unite us to one another and in solidarity with Brothers around the world.
“The Brothers commit themselves to the Institute in all their uniqueness as persons. Aware of the difficulties that await them, they are ready to respond joyfully and creatively to the successive calls of God at the various stages of their life.”

Association for the educational service of the poor

In light of the Gospel, as Brothers we are called to keep in mind he promotion of justice and the service of those on the margins- the economically poor, victims of social injustice, those excluded from society.
Through our witness and ministry, inspired by the social doctrine of the Church, as Brothers we prepare young people to create relations that are more just among people, becoming more involved in promoting peace, solidarity, and the protection of creation

Stability in the Institute

As our vocation is a precious gift of God’s love received day after day, and a daily human response to his fidelity. By this vow, Brothers make a commitment to remain in the Institute to fulfill its mission.
By this commitment, we strengthen our fraternity as Brothers to one another and to those we serve in ministry.

Consider Discerning with Us

Learn more about our discernment and formation process to see if it is a fit for you.