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The Gospel for the fourth Sunday of Lent is John 9:1-41

“In the light of faith you see things quite differently.” – Saint John Baptist de La Salle (Letter 118)

The reflection above resonates with the Gospel for the fourth Sunday of Lent. I offer us three turning points for reflection in this Scripture passage that help us see our lives differently.

The first is when Jesus comes to the encounter of the blind man. In our lives, Jesus comes to encounter us at any instantaneous moment, he does not wait for us to be worthy or free of sin. However, the encounter with Jesus always comes with a “call”, to go back to living our lives with a renewed spirit. 

The second turning point is when the healed man returns and his neighbors see him. Some say that he was the beggar out in the streets while others say he was not. The blind man pronounces that he was the beggar, but we don’t know much about him before encountering Jesus. We do notice that the man is fearless about proclaiming his miraculous healing, and so we must not be afraid to proclaim the truth.

The third turning point is when the blind man is thrown out of the city and Jesus encounters him again. However, what is different this time is that it is a deeper encounter. Jesus asks him directly, “Do you believe in the Son of God?”. The blind man asks “Where is he so I may believe?”. Afterward, Jesus replies, “You have seen him, and the one speaking with you is he.”, immediately, the blind man comes to believe and worship him. 

This Lent, we are called to encounter the “Holy Presence of God” in our students, colleagues, brothers, family and the marginalized. It is an encounter that must occur daily, even in the smallest ways. 

Every time that we say “Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God”, let us remember our daily encounter with others, this way we can freely proclaim, “Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever.” 

Download a PDF version of this reflection.

Brother Steven Angulo is a Postulant with the Brothers of the Christian Schools. He currently studies, lives and ministers in Romeoville, IL outside Chicago.

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