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Event Series Event Series: Blessed Nicolas Barre

Blessed Nicolas Barre

October 21, 2024

As a young man, Nicolas, discerned and joined the priesthood, apart of the religious community Minim Order of St. Francis Paola. He was attracted to their spirituality, asceticism, and mission centered on the conversion of hearts. He accompanied a group of women in supporting “Little Charitable Schools” as he recognized this as need in the society of his day. As a spiritual director to a young John Baptist de La Salle, he was an inspiration and certainly influenced the founding of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.
Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God.
Lord I want nothing more, I desire nothing more,
only to be ready to desire what you desire, and as you desire it.
Lord, you hold me in your presence, you watch over everything,
all my concerns, all that happens to me.
Nothing escapes your adorable guidance of my life- this is enough for me.
O Jesus, O Love, You are my God and my all, center and infinity of Goodness and greatness.
May Jesus comes to be in us, May He find his delight in us, and so there will nothing left for us to desire.
Choose, Lord, what you want of me. Do with me what you will.
Act and plan everything in the way that pleases you, and I will try to desire, to act,
and follow you in everything and everywhere without reserve or limit.
Finally, Lord, I want to belong totally to you, no more division nor separation
neither in life nor in death, in sorrow or in joy, on earth or in heaven.
My Beloved is all mine, and I am His forever. O Jesus! O Love.
(Prayer of abandonment by Nicolas Barre, letter 12)
Saint John Baptist de La Salle… Pray for us.
Blessed Nicolas Barre… Pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts… Forever!