Educators Awaken Vocations

10 Ways for Educators & Schools to Foster Vocations

(1) Pray Together as a Community

During the week, over the PA system, or in the classroom, pray for openness to discern God’s call in your life. Pray for your personal vocation and also in gratitude for all who are authentically living their vocation (some as religious, but also your parents, teachers, coaches, and others you recognize living out God’s call in their lives.)

(2) Reflect Together

Invite students to reflect on the people, events, and decisions that have shaped who they are today. Share your own reflection.

(3) Share Your Story

Share with your students about your vocation story: Where you went to college? Why? Who was your favorite teacher growing up? Why? What was your first job? What life event(s) led you to where you are? What from your high school experience influenced the vocation you live today?

(4) Encourage Religious to Share

Encourage a Brother, a Sister, or a Priest on your campus to share how they discerned their call to consecrated religious life or the priesthood.

(5) Organize to Pray a Novena

Organize a group of faculty and students to pray a monthly novena (nine days- 16th to 24th of each month). Join with other educational communities and communities of Brothers who pray the novena monthly.

(6) Share De La Salle’s Story

Reflect on De La Salle’s story of “one commitment leading to another ” in a way he did not foresee in the beginning.”

Does this ring true to your lived experience?

How does this understanding shape thinking about where you are currently and what you are thinking about for the future?

(7) Foster Inter-generational Connections

Connect your students with the retired Brothers of the District. Have them write letters letting them know you are thinking and praying for them, as they regularly think about and pray for you.

(8) Share Scripture

Share a story from Scripture and/or other literature that is meaningful to you and something you have used to reflect during times of discernment and decision in your life.

(9) Research Spirituality & Mission

Invite students to research the Brothers and other religious orders spirituality and mission.

Are there parts of the spirituality or mission that relate to your sense of passion, purpose, and prayer life?

(10) Invite, Encourage, Walk With

Personally invite young people to consider religious life as a viable, life-giving and dynamic possibility for their future.

It’s as simple as, “have you ever thought about being a Brother? I see [traits] in you that make me think you’d be a good one.”

Other Resources

Check out our “Your Toolkit” section for more resources that you can used in an educational setting to foster a culture of vocations and discernment.

National Vocation Awareness Week

National Vocation Awareness Week, Nov. 3-9, 2019, offers each of us the invitation to reflect on our vocation. Our vocation, God’s call, and how we respond give meaning and purpose to our lives.