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World Day for Consecrated Life

February 2, 2021

Watch twelve De La Salle Christian Brothers answering the question, “what it’s like to be a Brother in the time of COVID19?”

The answers range from Singapore to Pakistan to South America to Africa. A wide range of answers and perspectives, but all around the same vocational journey. 

Click images below to view video reflections.

Br. Carlos Gomez, FSC

Br. Henry Gyi, FSC

Br. Francisco Teerayut Chadang, FSC

Br. Jorge Sierra, FSC

Br. Luis Sebastian Gutierrez, FSC

Br. Alexandar Zapata, FSC

Br. Gulfam Gulzar Masih, FSC

Br. Nicholas Seet, FSC

Br. Nico Mariano, FSC

Br. Zohaib Gill, FSC

Br. Tim Coldwell, FSC

Br. Ricky Laguda, FSC

Br. Joseph Dougherty, FSC

Br. Raoul Traoré, FSC