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Way to Pray: Encountering God Daily


Every religious community has a particular charism, both in the charism of its Founder and in the charism that is continued to be lived out by faithful women and men in their name. Part of that charism in our community as Brothers of the Christian Schools in a deep spirituality and prayer method shared by Saint John Baptist de La Salle, our Founder.

He left the Church and the world a great gift in his writings, both on matters of educational pedagogy as well as prayer and religious life. In Method of Interior PrayerDe La Salle presents a method of prayer, not adequately described as contemplative, or solely meditative, rather inviting an encounter of God in the depths of the mind and the heart. As he wrote in late 17th, early 18th century French, our current English translation of interior or mental prayer leaves a little something to be desired.

Below is a simple introduction to this method, explained and adapted by Brother William Mann, FSC.

First Movement

Let us remember that we are in the Holy presence of God.

Pause for a few minutes to quiet yourself and to remember that God is, even in this very moment present to you.

  • In all of creation, everything around you.
  • In your very self, keeping you alive.
  • In the midst of those with whom you are praying.
  • In the Eucharist and in the Word of God.
  • In you by God’s grace at work in your life.
  • In the chapel as God’s dwelling place.
  • In the young and the poor.

Ask for the graces necessary to understand better what God’s will is for you and that you might give yourself wholeheartedly to a more conscious accomplishment of this will.

Spend some time in this first movement before continuing on. 

Second Movement

Mediate on your life in light of the Holy Scriptures

Contemplate the Mystery of God’s love at work in the world. Read today’s Gospel a few times slowly. What word or words especially catch your attention? Listen to what is being said; watch what happens; try to become part of the mystery.

Reflect on the Mystery of God’s love at work in your own life.

  • Does today’s Gospel have any relevance for your life?
  • How does this text invite you to be more faithful?
  • How do you try to share the message of this Gospel with those with whom you live and work?
  • If you choose to allow this Scripture passage to come alive in you now, what would have to change in your life? What are the obstacles to this change?

Spend some time with the Gospel and reflection before continuing on.

Third Movement

Live Jesus in our hearts… Forever.

Resolve to be open to the Spirit working in and through you today.

  • Where is the Spirit drawing you to sacrifice yourself today that others might have a happier, fuller, holier, and more love-filled life?

Take a few minutes now to thank God for this time you have spent in prayer and to re-offer yourself, as far as you are able, to the accomplishment of God’s will… God’s plan.

Learn More

Find here the full text of The Method of Interior Prayer for a a deeper look into this approach to prayer.

Here is a simple prayer card with an abbreviated explanation of the method and movements.