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Postulant Profile, Bro. Andrew

The Brothers of the Sacred Heart Cathedral Community in San Francisco, CA, following Andrew’s promises as a Postulant.


Lake in the Hills, IL

Current Ministry:

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, San Francisco, CA

Sharing community and ministry as a Brother is life-giving because…         

I enjoy daily conversations that enrich my perspective with my fellow Brothers and students. Meeting them where they are allows me to grow as an individual.

In the Brothers I see….          

Kind-hearted men who dedicate their lives to young people and living the Gospel.

My first connection to the Brothers was…    

I went to Saint Mary’s College of California. I met the Brothers through my experiences in Brother Charles Hilken’s Western Civilization course. That Western Civilization course is still one of the most challenging courses I ever took. He then became my advisor. He always provided helpful insight into what courses to take and was always there for me whenever I need advice. This was critical for my formation process.

When I started thinking about my life and my call (when I started discerning)…    

I had gotten really sick and I was unhappy with the job I had at the time. I am a voracious reader and since I was sick, I was reading more than usual. I read the book, I am Malala and was inspired to focus in on becoming a teacher again. I had always wanted to be a teacher but decided to work first before going back to school.

Meanwhile, I had reconnected with Brother Charles and met the lovely SMC Brother’s community. While there, I met Brother Chris Patino, who inspired me to begin thinking about becoming a Brother.

Their prayer life and communal spirit made me realize that I wanted to explore my call to become a Brother and educate young people.

My experience as a Brother, in the Postulancy stage of formation, has enriched my spiritual life….         

Through daily prayer and mass, I have found myself in more appreciation for what God has given me. I would not be able to teach without a strong spiritual base.


Reading, writing short stories, watching Marvel movies, and listening to podcasts

Favorite Reads:

On Job and The Return of the Prodigal Son

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