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Featured Resource: VISION Vocation Match

It seems there is information overload these days. With a simple few clicks, we all can have a wealth of information at our fingertips.

VISION Vocation Network, a publication of the National Religious Vocation Conference, offers a variety of resources and a simple vocation match quiz to support young people in exploring religious vocations- both for personal/spiritual interest and as part of a class/course assignment.

The VISION Vocation Network site offers a variety of articles on discernment, written by and for young people, as well as resources and practices to deepen and grow your spiritual life.

The VISION Vocation Match asks your preferences around a series of questions related to religious life and “matches” you with religious congregations whose profiles are similar to your own.

Take the quiz – click the image below:

For young people exploring, inquiring, discerning God’s call in their lives, VISION Vocation Match shares the breadth and depth of male and female Catholic religious congregations.

It’s a great place to discover something more about the Church and a great place to find resources for your own discernment and/or for those you accompany.