Summer Ministry & Live-In Experience

Discerners, as part our Contact program, will minister and live-in community with the Brothers over the summer months. The experience, open to Contacts, invites young men to encounter the Brothers and the Lasallian mission in a deeper way. Participating in the prayer and community life of the Brothers, the Contacts will also work with young […]

Retreat for Young Teacher Professionals

"Called to Teach, Invitation to Brotherhood" retreat will invite men who currently are teachers to explore their vocation as educators through the lens of the Brothers' vocation. The retreat will provide an opportunity for prayer, reflection, conversation and community together with others looking to deepen their vocation as educators and open to exploring the call […]

FSC Days of Discernment

A discernment retreat, for college-aged Contacts with the Brothers. Learn more about the contact program and connect with us. 

National Catholic Youth Conference

National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry Indianapolis, IN

As Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Christian Brothers), we’re excited to participate in the vibrant expression of Church that is young people together at NCYC. We’re looking forward to sharing about our vocation as Brothers, who evangelize through the ministry of education with young people. Excited to reconnect and see Lasallian students […]

Blessed Scubilion Rousseau

He was a catechist in his hometown when introduced to the Brothers, who had a school in a nearby town. Brother Scubilion spent 10 years as an elementary school teacher in his home country of France, then spent the remainder of his life (34 years) serving the indigenous people who were enslaved on the island […]

Saint Jaime Hilario & Martyrs of Turon

During the Spanish Civil War (1931-1939), almost 7,000 Catholic priests, Brothers, and Sisters were executed. Civilians and Religious were treated harshly by both sides, Brothers were tried and executed for the crime of providing a human and Christian education. Brother Jaime on the way to execution told the soldiers, " God be blessed! In heaven […]

Blessed Nicolas Barre

As a young man, Nicolas, discerned and joined the priesthood, apart of the religious community Minim Order of St. Francis Paola. He was attracted to their spirituality, asceticism, and mission centered on the conversion of hearts. He accompanied a group of women in supporting "Little Charitable Schools" as he recognized this as need in the […]

Blessed Arnold Reche

Born to a large family, as a boy he worked as a farmer to support his family. He taught catechism in the village he was from. As a young adult, he met the Brothers while attending evening classes in their school and was attracted to their life. As a Brother, he taught agriculture, yet his […]

Blessed Spanish Martyrs of the 20th Century

The Blessed Martyrs of Almeria were beatified in 1993. The Catholic Church holds dear anyone who endures the loss of life because they are Christians. During the first centuries of […]

Commemoration of the Heroic Vow 1691

November 21, 1691 John Baptist De La Salle, Nicholas Vuyart and Gabriel Drolin profess the 'The Heroic Vow', to remain together in society even if they would have to beg and live on bread alone. "Most holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, prostrate in a profound respect before your infinite and adorable majesty, we […]

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