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Blessed Arnold Reche

October 23

Born to a large family, as a boy he worked as a farmer to support his family. He taught catechism in the village he was from. As a young adult, he met the Brothers while attending evening classes in their school and was attracted to their life. As a Brother, he taught agriculture, yet his zeal led him to catechize. During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, he worked with other Brothers as a nurse to meet the medical and spiritual needs of wounded on both sides.
From the Audience of Nov. 2, 1987, Pope John Paul II

Yes, you young people, who discover the figure of Brother Arnould, it is with special thought of you that I would like to evoke some aspects of his personality that are so many calls for today. We are struck by the solidity of this boy who, at a very young age, works hard with his hands, who develops his knowledge by himself, and who radiates a deep faith.

May he inspire you with respect for all forms of work, the courage of personal effort to progress intellectually, to mature your faith and bear witness to it in your school environment, in your parishes, in your youth groups, in your families!

Build your personality on a firm foundation, in the educational community. Is it necessary to recall that Brother Arnould is a model for educators? His conception of a complete formation continued into adulthood can inspire Catholic schools today. May the masters have the same concern for rigor, pedagogy attentive to people, coherence in the life of the mind, heart and will!

One of Brother Arnould’s secrets was a life of intense prayer. As a catechist in particular, he manifested the true coherence between the interior life and what he taught: one felt he was passionate about the Gospel.

From his years of manual labor, he was an exemplary Christian. Brother of the Christian Schools, he deepens his spiritual experience while leading a very active life.

May he inspire his Brothers today! May it arouse in young people the vocations necessary for the educational work to be continued with the same evangelical zeal in the many countries where the Brothers work!

I invoke the intercession of Blessed Brother Arnould for all of you, for those who keep alive his memory in his region, for the disciples of Jean-Baptiste de La Salle and their students. May you all hear his exhortation: “You must act by grace, and make it appear that you are leading yourself by the movement of the Spirit of God”!

Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God.

Lord crucified and risen, teach us to face the struggles of daily life and thus to live in greater fullness. You have humbly and patiently welcomed the failures of human life, as well as the sufferings of your crucifixion. So the sorrows and struggles that each day brings us, help us to live them as opportunities to grow and look more like yourself.

Make us able to face them patiently and bravely, full of confidence in your support. Make us understand that we will only reach the fullness of life by constantly dying to ourselves and our selfish desires, for only by dying with You can we be resurrected with You.

Let nothing now make us suffer and weep to the point of forgetting the joy of the Resurrection.

You are the shattered sun of the Father’s love, You are the hope of eternal happiness, You are the fire of burning love.

May your joy, O Jesus, be strength in us and may it be between us, bond of peace, unity and love.

Saint John Baptist de La Salle… Pray for us.
Blessed Arnold Reche… Pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts… Forever!