New Here: What to Expect?

We are all called to lives of holiness, to be witnesses of God’s love. Rooted in God’s call to each of us is a call to live a life of purpose, sharing our gifts and talents with others to build up our communities, Church and world.

There are a diversity of expressions of lived holiness and witnessing God’s love in our world, through a variety of vocational paths God has called individuals.

Our invitation to you in exploring God’s call is a simple one:


Deepen your relationship with Jesus and discern doing so in a community of men called to a shared life of evangelization through the ministry of education to young people.


Our Rule, as Brothers, states that each vocation arises from the mystery of the unique encounter between God and the person who is called.

We invite you to discern our Gospel life and community where the experience of God is shared as we are Brothers to one another and older Brothers to the young entrusted to our care.









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