Jordan Medrano, 1st Prize

1st Prize: Jordan Medrano

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, San Francisco, CA

Tochi Nwani, 2nd Prize

2nd Prize: Tochi Nwani

Saint John’s College High School, Washington, DC

Michael Rose, 3rd Prize

3rd Prize: Michael Rose

St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute, Buffalo, NY




All submissions from DLSU Philippines

Reggie Joseph Arciaga, 1st Prize

1st Prize: Reggie Joseph Arciaga

Jessu Bravante, 2nd Prize

2nd Prize: Jessu Bravante

Janine Vicente, 3rd Prize

3rd Prize: Janine Vicente





Numbers in parentheses indicate position among thumbnail gallery.

Grant Thurston, Honorable Mention

Grant Thurston, Calvert Hall, Baltimore, MD (#23)

Colleen Tang Poy, Honorable Mention

Colleen Tang Poy, De La Salle College, Toronto, ON (#29)

Hanna Marsh, Honorable Mention

Hannah Marsh, Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, San Francisco, CA (#74)




Others who were among the top finalists
(in alphabetical order). Numbers in parentheses indicate position among thumbnail gallery.

  • Darian Bassett – St. John’s College High School, DC (#96)
  • Max Belfatto – St. Joseph’s Collegiate, NY (#90)
  • Christian Bernier – Calvert Hall, MD (#10)
  • Ben Bischoff – Christian Brothers High School, MO (#13)
  • Alan Hammann – La Salle High School, OH (#43)
  • Braden Hering – La Salle High School, OH (#49)
  • Neo Kim – Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory (#81)
  • Joe Maltry – La Salle High School, OH (#53)
  • Grayson Manzke – La Salle High School, CA (#35)
  • Ashley McNeal – Bishop Loughlin, NY (#2)
  • Steve Mette – La Salle High School, OH (#58)
  • Dante Mondelli – De La Salle College, Toronto (#30)
  • Spencer Roehr – Christian Brothers High School, MO (#22)

About the Contest

The submitted entries to the 2012 Lasallian Art Contest have been judged. The judges were anonymous Brothers, Lasallians, and artists from around the country. Their evaluations and decisions were tabulated in order to produce the winners below. All the judges expressed their appreciation for the wonderful variety of submissions and for the quality of work that was submitted. Winners were chosen according to how each work expressed the meaning / expression of the phrase "Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God."


This is the third year that we are inviting students at Lasallian schools to participate in an art contest in which they might share their artistic talents with the larger Lasallian world. We invite students to depict a phrase that has become so pivotal:

Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God

Create a poster that highlights its meaning/impression. The poster may be in any medium, and the only requirement is that the phrase appear in the poster in some readable format; punctuation is not key factor. The format is smaller so as to facilitate the easy duplication by others of appealing submissions and winners. Larger formats may be subsequently created based on the 11x17 proportional format.

The Lasallian Art Contest is an effort to bring these two realities together and invite students to apply their artistic talents to the creation of new artworks depicting St. John Baptist de La Salle and his life. It is also an opportunity for them to learn more about who this person was and why he is held in such esteem by students, educators, and schools around the world.

I kindly ask you to promote this art contest in your school, and encourage your art department to take advantage of this opportunity for their students. The deadline for submission is De La Salle’s birthday, April 30, 2012, and the announcement of winners will be on May 15, 2012, De La Salle Feast Day among Lasallian schools. Even if this contest does not become part of a class assignment, it would be a terrific opportunity for your students’ artwork to be displayed for all the Lasallian world to see when it is placed on our website. Submissions meeting basic requirements will be displayed at www. BrothersVocation.org, where you will also find additional information prior to the contest deadline.
Thank you for your vocation and ministry!



  • 1st Place: $500

  • 2nd Place: $300

  • 3rd Place: $100

  • Honorable Mention (2): $50